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What our customers are saying...
“Excellent product you are putting out. We look forward to being customers for a LONG time.”
-Scott Palter
Final Sword Productions
Ad Astra Games
Cedar Falls, IA

“My name is Todd McFadyen, and I am the owner of All In Games in Broken Arrow, OK. I received my copy of the GGIC today. I am so happy to see that this invaluable resource is still being published even after recent events. I use the catalog every day at my store; I probably would have had one heck of a time placing my opening order if I didn’t have the catalog. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how important your publication is to the industry, but I wanted to say thanks anyway. Your efforts and your advertisers efforts are well worth it. Thanks for your time.”
-Todd McFadyen
All In Games
Broken Arrow, OK

“I have always believed that what you guys were doing was a good thing for the industry, and I still do. I like the new name; it has a “worldly” feel to it. More encompassing.”
-Colleen / BHD
[Black Hawk Distribution]
Rockton, IL

“In my opinion there is no other publication as important to the Game Industry than the Greater Games Industry Catalog.”
-Col. Lou Zocchi Gamescience
North Biloxi, MS

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